Minnesota Vikings lead NFL ... in arrests

There have been 10 arrests of Minnesota Vikings players since January 2011 – almost twice as many as the second-place Detroit Lions. Star running back Adrian Peterson's arrest marked the 39th time a Vikings player has been arrested or cited since 2000, which also leads the NFL, according to Pioneer Press research.

The Pioneer Press reports that Adrian Peterson's arrest last weekend at a Houston nightclub underscores an alarming trend for the Minnesota Vikings, who have the dubious distinction of being the NFL's leading troublemakers. The newspaper has created a timeline of the team's 39 arrests since 2000.

Peterson's case has been delayed until another court hearing Aug. 6, during training camp. He insists he is innocent and he says he did not resist arrest as charged.

Peterson's appearance in in a Houston courtroom on Friday sparked a few memorable tweets.

The Pioneer Press also reports that a self-described "scumbag" strip club owner spoke to Vikings rookies to warn them away from the life of some pro athletes – self-promoting entourages, predatory bar owners and the perverted economics of the booze-and-sex trade.

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Minnesota Vikings are number one...in arrests

These days, Vikings' fans take what they can get. But holding the title for most litigated NFL team doesn't feel too great. Minnesota leads the NFL in player arrests since 2000 with 36. Four Vikings players have been arrested already this year.

Vikings: Benny Sapp wasn't arrested

Despite earlier reports suggesting otherwise, Vikings cornerback Benny Sapp was not arrested Friday. The Vikings released a statement Friday night saying Sapp "received a citation" but wasn't arrested and fully cooperated with authorities. The Pioneer Press reports that Sapp was handcuffed after "chest bumping" a Children's Hospital security guard in a parking lot.