Miss the (very colorful) opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics?

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The Olypmics officially started Friday night, with what the New York Times described as a "no-frills, budget-conscious" opening ceremony in Rio that still "dazzled."

It's very possible some of you missed it considering it was the start of the weekend. But hey, you've got an option to catch up.

If you've got a cable log-in (or know someone who has cable and lets you use their log-in, thanks mom and dad), NBCOlympics.com has the entire opening ceremony available to replay. If you don't have a log-in, you're limited to 30 minutes.

Outside of that ... well, sorry. You're kind of out of luck, at least legally.

The opening ceremony was held at Maracanã Stadium, and directed by Fernando Meirelles – known for the film "City of God," Romper says.

Reuters said the country had to take a thrifty approach, and Meirelles described it this way: "Athens was about the classics, Beijing was grandiose and muscular, London was smart, and ours – ours will be cool."

The show included lots of dancing, a look at Brazil's history from the slave trade to the creation of large cities, and a prominent message about global warming; namely, Brazil's environmental wonders are at risk if things continue.

I want to watch the games


If you're an early-riser, rowing starts at 6:30 a.m. Saturday, with archery, tables tennis, water polo and fencing getting underway at 7 a.m.

Here's the full schedule, including what can be streamed (again, with a cable log-in) and what's actually being aired on TV. It's an NBC production, so check your local NBC affiliate to see what's being broadcast.

There are 18 people with Minnesota ties participating in the Olympic games, all of which got a shout-out from the governor's office.


Did people like the opening ceremony?


The opening ceremony is getting pretty good reviews, for the most part.

With terrorism, pollution and the Zika virus all taking up headline space here in the U.S. – plus the political instability in Rio, amidst a pretty troubling economic situation – there's been a bit of a gray cloud hanging above the Olympic games. When interim president Michel Temer took the mic at one point, he got booed.

Here are a few snippets from publications talking about the opener.

Washington Post: "The ceremony sought to pump the brakes on the high-tech one-upmanship that has come to define the opening of the Games ... Besides a light show with a simulated jungle made by hundreds of floor-to-ceiling twisty elastic bands, their presentation didn’t rely on expensive mechanical audacities; it resorted to what the program described as an 'analogue inventiveness.'"

Deadline: In what was more a jab at NBC coverage of the ceremony, not the event itself, Deadline wrote in part: "NBC’s time-delayed coverage tonight barely got a bronze medal with less than qualifying pacing, insipid and sometimes questionable commentary, unimaginative production, and way too many ads that resulted in the amazing feat of turning a Brazilian celebration into a bit of a bore.

The Hollywood Reporter: The opening ceremony "married solemn social commentary with joyous spectacle, combining a stripped-down national history with a determinedly hopeful acknowledgment of the challenges of the future — facing not only Brazil but the planet as a whole."

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