MN ad agency looks to score again with funny, pre-Super Bowl campaign


Last year they created the best Super Bowl ad you will never see, and as this year's NFL showcase approaches, an innovative Twin Cities marketing firm is at it again.

Minneapolis-based Fast Horse has once more teamed up with Newcastle Brown Ale and, with the help of "Parks and Recreation" star Aubrey Plaza, hope to run the first ever crowd-funded Super Bowl commercial, MarketWired reports.

Last year, Newcastle Brown and Fast Horse won silver at the prestigious Cannes Lion advertising awards for its humorous campaign, which went with this premise: "This is the Super Bowl ad we would have made, it we could afford it." (Watch it below)

This year it's changing strategies, attempting to raise the money to afford a coveted ad spot by getting funding from 20 or 30 other brands, with the campaign named: "Band of Brands."

So lots of companies team up, pool money to pay for the pricey spot, then all of them are somehow featured in the commercial.

Plaza stars in a tongue-in-cheek video that mocks other Super Bowl beer ads and the $4 million it costs to run an ad then.

"Instead of blowing Newcastle's marketing budget, let's team up to blow all of our marketing budgets, together," she says.

The Business Journal says that if the crowd-funding bid is successful, it should get Newcastle time on local NBC television markets, as deals with other beer makers will keep it off network-sold airtime.

But considering the runaway success of last year's campaign, they might not even need the money to be successful.

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