Modern art for the Vikings fan: Stadium will feature sculpture called 'The Horn'


It's not meant to be a horn you can blow ... especially since it'll be 107 feet long and 38 tons of steel.

But discerning Vikings fans will recognize echoes of the Gjallarhorn in the new sculpture that's planned for U.S. Bank Stadium.

"The Horn" is being donated to the new Minneapolis football stadium by Medtronic. It will occupy Medtronic Plaza right next to the "world's largest glass doors," that'll open into the Vikings' new home, the team announced Wednesday.

The sculpture comes from the Minneapolis design firm Aliiance, which is also working on the renovation of Target Center.

When its installation is finished in August, it will consist of two flowing steel ribbons – one purple, one gold – entwining in a spiral shape that represents the Gjallarhorn, its makers say.

The inside surfaces will be polished mirrors "to reflect the faces of the community."

The Gjallarhorn or "yelling horn" comes from Norse mythology, Medtronic notes, and was associated with Heimdalr, the god of dawn and light.

Speaking of light, "The Horn" will have LED bulbs embedded to keep it visible after dark.

Like when the Vikings play their first regular season game at their new home. The Sep. 18 clash with the Green Bay Packers will be televised on Sunday Night Football.

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