Monday Morning QB: Vikings-Bears opinions


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It's Monday Morning QB, our roundup of what the football experts are saying about Sunday's showdown at Soldier Field. If you missed it, the Vikings played poorly and were pummeled by the Bears, 28-10.

For Eric Nelson of, the loss painted Minnesota as "purple playoff posers" who didn't show they belong with the NFC North's elite.

Tom Powers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press says the Vikings managed to "boggle the minds of their own fans" with Sunday's putridity. But his bottom line is pretty simple: "The Vikings lost to a better team and that's all there is to it."

Star Tribune writer Chip Scoggins called the loss a "collective failure ... offense, defense, special teams and coaching."And it's the type of game we're seeing out of Minnesota annually in the Windy City.

Ted Glover of the says it's another case of the Vikings coming out "flat and unispired, and ended up getting their a** thoroughly kicked." Glover also quotes his father, Don: "Well, son, that's three hours I'm never going to get back. And at 82, every hour counts."Well said, Don.

The out of town opinion? For that, we go to the Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Morrissey. He writes: "To a team in need of some serious reassuring, the Vikings were just what the doctor ordered. The Bears thrust badness on the Vikings, who wore it like shrink wrap."

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