Monday morning quarterback: Frazier says he blew it

Now that you've witnessed another Vikings loss, it's time to hear from the experts on what went wrong and what we've learned.
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So what are the experts saying after another Minnesota Vikings loss? Well, basically that Leslie Frazier might be over his head.

That's right, it took just 11 games into the 2011 season for paid (and unpaid)observers to notice that the Vikings coach might not have what it takes to succeed in this job -- right now. That could change as he fields a better squad, but right now -- it's ugly.

The Bleacher Report blog puts it this way: "Leslie Frazier is, by all accounts, a great person and a good defensive football coach. He is not a good head football coach in the NFL."

Frazier blamed himself after going for it on a crucial fourth-and-one call in the fourth quarter, going for a touchdown instead of kicking a field goal. Pioneer Press writer Tom Powers said Frazier made the right call -- in pointing the finger at Frazier:

"Poor Les can't buy a break this season. The front office is a cluster bomb, his players aren't very good and his coordinators aren't doing him any favors."

As for the out of town press, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution saw this one as a game the Falcons should have run away with, writing: " Instead of routing the Minnesota Vikings, they settled for a 24-14 victory."

What's your take? Did the Vikings have a real chance to win Sunday's game -- despite the calls from the sidelines? Or were the Falcons going to win no matter what? Let us know, right here...

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