Monday Morning quarterback: Packers, Vikings equals again

Does a giant Packers loss make your Monday morning all that much brighter? Don't lie. If you're a Vikings fan, somehow 3-13 -- while still unacceptable -- doesn't hurt as much.

It's really no secret. The Packers loss to the Giants yesterday at Lambeau Field was hooted and hollered across Minnesota. Today, a quick read of what was said after the 37-20 shellacking. First, from the Twitter-verse. Here are the most biting bits, from various sources:

"Turns out the Vikes & Packers have the exact same # of playoff wins this year. And playoffs are what matters, right?"

"2011 #Packers = 1998 #Vikings HAHAHA"

"God may not have answered Tim Tebow's prayers for this season, but I'm pretty sure he just answered all the #Vikings fans!! "

"#Packers loss doesn't wipe out horrid #Vikings season, but it's an awesome palate cleanser for the moment."

"Due to #discountdoublechoke #packers initiating reverse split of stock to prop up the made up value. You'll own a smaller share of nothing."

And those were the tame ones. As for that last Tweet, it mocks the State Farm Insurance TV commerical starring soon-to-be-MVP (unless it's Drew Brees) Aaron Rodgers touting the "discount double check." With the Giants winning two straight playoff games at Lambeau, it's now the "discount double choke." Get it? Good. Like to see it one more time, just to make sure you get it? Check it out:

Moving on. Here's a piece from on why the Packers lost. It's called not playing defense.

From Packer-land, here's a piece on disgruntled fans who actually booed their almost-perfect heroes into the locker room at the end of the first half. Packers fans booing the Packers? Minnesotans have been told time and time again that simply doesn't happen in title town. We've been duped!

In the locker room, nothing but the truth from tight end Jermichael Finley, who told  “Fifteen-and-two looks good, but it doesn’t look good right now.”

In closing, we end with a post from the Daily Norseman blog. Love the headline. Simply: "A funny thing happened on the way to The Coronation."

Comments? As we like to say on the BringMeTheNews site: Bring It.

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