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Monday Morning Quarterback: TebowMania, unchecked

Yet another heartbreaking loss at the Metrodome for the 2-10 Vikings. It's pretty obvious what went wrong, as we check in with football experts from Minnesota and Colorado.

Another Sunday, another Vikings loss. What went wrong this time? (A question now asked 10 of 12 Sundays.) Well, it's pretty obvious. Rookie quarterback Tim Tebow tore apart a tattered Vikings secondary, and Minnesota's rookie QB -- Christian Ponder -- made too many mistakes. It all adds up to a 35-32 Denver win.

Starting with the Vikings' defense, Jared Allen had another fantastic game -- but as a unit, he told columnist Bob Sansevere that the breakdowns were simply blatant -- keeping Denver in the game.

As for Tebow, two columnists simply painted him as a winner. The Star-Tribunes' Jim Souhan put it like this: Tebowing trumped Pondering.

Tom Powers from the PiPress says he'd like 44 Tebow clones. And has a special message for those who rip the way Tim carries himself: "Go to hell."

The Denver Post sportswriters were happy with Tebow as well. One wrote that the "Tebow Magic was flowing at its greatest levels" Sunday.

Another apologized to Cowboys fans, calling the Broncos "America's Team." Hard to argue with that one.

What's your Monday Morning take? Did the Vikings make Tebow look great, or is he great? As usual, we welcome your opinions...

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