Monday morning quarterback: Thoughts after a bye week

Eight weeks down, eight to go. While the 2-6 Vikings are most likely toast when it comes to the playoffs, there are some things we could be shouting about in the second half.
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With a 2-6 record, there aren't that many glowing reviews when it comes to the Vikings' first-half report card. They're lucky to get above a C-plus from any media outlet.

That's exactly how the Bleacher Report saw the offensive line through the first eight weeks, calling the unit the flakieston the roster.

The Vikings Age blog ran down the Top 10 story lines of the season, (the quarterback quandary ranks high), and we were struck at just how much has happened. The drama never stops!

The Star Tribune, meanwhile, took a look at 12 key players  and where they stand in the team's future plans. Bottom line: Drafting Christian Ponder may have been a watershed moment for the purple.

As for the next eight weeks, back to the Bleacher Report, where writer Bill Hubbell identified 10 things Vikings fans can look forward to from now, until that final regular season game against the Bears on January 1, 2012.

We should end it here, but how about one more crazy thought?

If you gaze at the standings, the NFC wild card race is still wide open. If the Vikings can finish 9-7, they just might have a shot at a playoff spot. Assume Detroit -- at 6-2 -- is in. No problem. The next team in line: Atlanta, at 5-3. The rest of the contenders are 4-4 or worse. Stranger things have happened.

What grade would give the Vikings so far? And are you ready for the second half? How do you think they'll finish? Can they beat Green Bay? If you said: C-minus, yes, 6-10, and no're probably a realist.

But it's pretty hard for an NFL team to go undefeated all year...

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