Monday morning quarterback: Vikes lose ugly -- again

The experts pick apart the Vikings and their 27-21 loss to the Oakland Raiders Sunday. What went wrong? Again, just about everything.
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A 2-8 football team? That's the sad truth to the 2011 Vikings season, as Team Purple dropped another one Sunday, this time 27-21 to the undisciplined Oakland Raiders.

The Vikings haven't been 2-8 since 1962, and are nose-diving to Les Steckel territory. Remember 3-13? Some say this year could be worse.

The Star Tribune's Jim Souhan, for starters, sees the Vikings heading to a nifty 2-14 mark. In his words, "There were times during the 2009 season you could have argued that the Vikings were the best team in football. Today, they are contending to become the worst."

Pioneer Press scribe Tom Powers wantsheads to roll for Sunday's debacle. At least one head. Just for appearances. And he agrees, Vikings' QB Christian Ponder had a terrible game, filled with rookie mistakes. But in the end, Powers' writes: "We definitely don't want to see Ponder's head bouncing along on I-494 in front of the Winter Park complex. But as far as anybody else's, I'm pretty open."

Glad to hear it.

As for out-of-towner comments, Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News wasn't impressed with his Raiders. He thinks Oakland let the Vikings hang around too long, which led to too much nail-biting. He writes: "They kept the Vikings alive, when the Vikings (now 2-8) should've been cooked."

Well, the Vikings are cooked. Teams with eight losses heading into Thanksgiving week are typically gobbling for mercy. Or in Minnesota's case, a high draft choice.

What's your Monday morning take? Are the Vikings as hopeless as they look? Or are they talented enough to win a few more games down the stretch? Let us know...

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