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Monday Morning quarterback: Webb of intrigue

Ponder or Webb? Facemask penalty? How could they miss that! Plenty to gripe about the morning after another Vikings loss.

The Vikings may be 2-11, but the 2011 season has been far from boring. As in, we all love to gawk at train wrecks.

Sunday's game against the Lions was almost an instant classic. Had Joe Webb completed the comeback, Vikings fans would have giggled up their sleeves about another Detroit collapse. But the Lions held, and continue to be a Wild Card candidate on Dec. 12.

As for the Vikings, it's another Monday to second-guess. First, that non-call of the facemask penalty on the last play of the game. While it's true that Christian Ponder's terrible performance sunk the Purple, who knows what would have happened had Webb had one more play?

Here's what it looked like, judge for yourself:

Yep, that's a penalty. But, that's also life in the NFL.

We also enjoyed Tom Power's take of Joe Webb as backup quarterback. In his opinion, the Pioneer Press columnist said Webb was fantastic -- right up until the last play. He also wrote something a lot of sportswriters have ignored this year: "You have to wonder where Webb would be in terms of development if he had received all the love and attention from the coaches that Ponder has received." Zing.

From the enemy camps, the Lion win was more about dodging bullets than anything. Detroit News columnist Mike O'Hara says the home team dodged a full clip in that last drive.

They did indeed. What's your take? Bored with all the losing this year, or can you appreciate the drama of every game? That's a tough question...let us know...

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