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Monday morning quarterback: Worst Vikings team ever?

Some are already saying Sunday's loss was the worst home loss in Vikings history. Plenty went wrong, starting with a decimated secondary.

Another Sunday, another loss by the Vikings. Some are heartbreaking. Some are ugly. Sunday's 42-20 mess against the New Orleans Saints was heartbreakingly ugly. How are sportswriters serving it up on a Monday morning?

For starters, the Star Tribune's Dan Wiederer looked for one-word Twitter responses to loss No. 12. Pitiful. Sickening. Bloodbath. Those were just three takes, as he argues that the Vikings may have sunk to rock bottom.

His colleague, Jim Souhan, wonders if Leslie Frazier and Christian Ponder will be part of a long-term solution to winning again. As he puts it, "When a team collapses like this, no one is safe."

As for opinion in the enemy camp, the New Orleans Times-Picayune saw this game as a perfect forum for making the argument that Drew Brees is perhaps the NFL MVP. He was so good, and the Saints so dominant on offense, that by the second half New Orleans was basically picking out who they wanted to score.

Next week? The Washington Redskins on Saturday. A Christmas Eve afternoon affair. Pioneer Press writer Tom Powers wonders: "Can we get that game in Washington blacked out here? Just to preserve the holiday spirit."


What's your take? Worst Vikings team ever? Plan on watching the train wreck one more week? Or is this just something that happens when injuries pile up? Let us know. Or, as we like to say, BringIt...

In the meantime, let's head to the locker room to hear from the players, one-on-one. The audio is courtesy GameDay Gold Sports Media, Eric Nelson proprietor:

[wpaudio url="" text="Vikings-Saints postgame: Jamarca Sanford" dl="0"]

[wpaudio url="" text="Vikings-Saints postgame: Erin Henderson" dl="0"]

[wpaudio url="" text="Vikings-Saints postgame: Kyle Rudolph" dl="0"]

[wpaudio url="" text="Vikings-Saints postgame: Phil Loadholt" dl="0"]

[wpaudio url="" text="Vikings-Saints postgame: Jimmy Graham" dl="0"]

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