Monday (Tuesday) morning quarterbacks: Lambasted at Lambeau

So what are the experts saying the morning after the Vikings' Monday night meltdown? It's not all good for Vikings fans, but some of it is pretty funny.

So what went wrong for the Vikings at Lambeau Field Monday night?

One word: Everything.

In its game recap, the Pioneer Press opened with the fitting line: "It was men against boys at Lambeau Field as the high-powered Packers exploited the ill-equipped Vikings." Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. But very true. Minnesota didn't belong on the field with unbeaten Green Bay.

The very funny Tom Powers called the game a "nationally televised horror show" with no end in sight.

The Star Tribune's Jim Souhan takes it one step further, calling the Packers the best team in football and the Vikings the worst team in football.But he doesn't put all the blame on the players: "Blame the coaches, not because they are ruining a good team but because the mediocre team they run so often looks unprepared or disorganized."

What next? Fox Sports North's Brian Hall says it's time for the Vikings to completely overhaul the defense, and fully embrace looking toward the 2012 season.

As for out-of-town opinion, not much focus on the Vikings. Instead, Green Bay Gazette writer Eric Goska zeroed in on how Aaron Rodgers has now thrown a TD pass at Lambeau in 26 straight regular season games, breaking Brett Favre's team record.

Time for your opinion. What did you see Monday night that didn't right (besides everything) ... and what would you do to right the 2011 Vikings ship?

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