More than meets the eye? Derrick Williams keeps transforming


Derrick Williams looks different this year. Physically speaking, that is.

Unfortunately, nobody knows if Williams will look different on the basketball court -- but he better if he wants to play with the Wolves for the long-term.

To increase his minutes, Williams is going to play more as a small forward. Most of his success, however limited it has been, has come as a power forward.

“Frankly, I thought last year in camp he made some adjustments playing the 3,” head coach Rick Adelman told NBA writer Zach Harper, “but then he just kind of gradually got away from it. He’s got to really, really hone in on that because that’s chance for him to be very effective.”

Williams bulked up to 250 pounds last season. It also slowed him down, making him less capable of playing small forward, where quickness is required. That's why Williams lost 15-20 pounds this offseason. At 235 pounds, he's the lightest he's been since high school.

"I know how good I am. I know how good I can be," he said. "Just got to keep working. That's why I took a few months to get my body in shape. I'm not tired. Last season I was exhausted. But the extra 15-20 pounds off, it really helps. I'm sure the coaches noticed it as well. I wasn't asking for any subs. It was good."

The Wolves have until Oct. 31 to decide whether to pick up a $6.3 million option on Williams for the 2014-15 season.

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