Will Justin Morneau return to the Twins?


Good question. Will the former MVP be back in a Twins uniform in 2014?

Justin Morneau and the Pirates were bounced from the National League playoffs by the St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday night in game five of the divisional series.

Morneau went 2-4 and scored a run. He batted in the middle of the order the majority of his time in Pittsburgh, which began when the Twins traded him on Aug. 31. The former slugger failed to hit a home run as a Pirate, and his overall performance doesn't look like it's going to make him the target of a bidding war when free agency opens after the World Series.

Will the Twins offer Morneau a deal? The answer is unknown, but the speculation has already started. Twins beat writer for the Pioneer Press Mike Berardino's gut-feeling is that Morneau will return.

Berardino is taking things one step further. He wants fans to suggest to him what a fair offer to bring Morneau back would be? Offer him your opinion right here.

Twins fan Edward Thoma wrote on his Baseball Outsiders blog that Morneau is more of a "roadblock" at this point in his career, and it's time for the organization to go in a different direction.

One thing is certain, Morneau will join a group of first-baseman in the 2014 free agent class that are obviously on the back end of their careers. Included on the list: Kevin Youkilis, Travis Hafner, Paul Konerko, Lance Berkman and Jason Giambi just to name a few.

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