Morneau, other former Twins may make home run derby


Major League Baseball announced a new format for the 2014 Home Run Derby at Target Field and named the captains of the National and American League teams.

Toronto's Jose Bautista was named the captain of the American League Team, Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki was named the captain of the National League team.

Each captain will name the rest of their five man teams to compete in the derby at Target Field on July 14th.

Tulowitzki is a teammate of former Twins first baseman Justin Morneau in Colorado. He said, Monday he would consider Morneau for one of those five spots.

"That would be neat for him," said Tulowitzki to The Associated Press. "Obviously, he's a guy I have a relationship with."

On the season, Morneau has 12 home runs on the season. Morneau thinks moving to Colorado has helped him rediscover his power. But he may not be the only other former Twins player in the home run derby.

Former Twins outfielder Carlos Gomez has been one of the National League's top home run hitters, with Milwaukee this season. He also has 12 home runs on the year.

David Ortiz has been involved in several home run derbies since he left Minnesota for Boston. "Big Papi" has 17 home runs on the season again this year, including four at Target Field.

In his career, Ortiz has clubbed nine home runs in 13 games at Target Field. The New England Sports Network quoted Ortiz last month saying he would not participate in this year's event.

"No, man, I'm too old for that," Ortiz said. "I'm going to let the young studs do that."

The home run derby will have a slightly different format this year, than in previous years. According to, the competition will have 10 participants again, like it did the first time it was held at the Metrodome in 1985.

Five players from each league will bat in the opening round, with seven outs instead of the usual 10. The player who hits the most homers in each league will automatically receive a bye to the third round (semifinals). The next two players from each league with the most homers will square off against one another in a head-to-head matchup in the second round.

The winners of these matchups will advance to the third round to compete against the league's top seed. The final round will feature the winners of the AL and NL semifinals going head to head to see who succeeds Yoenis Cespedes of the A's as the 2014 champion.

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