Moss, Birk weren't always happy together


It's been 15 years since the Vikings selected Randy Moss and Matt Birk in the 1998 NFL Draft.

Moss was traded to Oakland in 2005 and Birk signed with the Ravens after the 2008 season.

They went their separate ways but they've back together again -- as opponents -- in the Super Bowl.

Their time together in Minnesota wasn't all good. While meeting with the media on Tuesday Birk recalled that a "couple incidents" kept them from seeing eye-to-eye.

"But behind the scenes, in the locker room, he was a great teammate," Birk said. "Most of our time together, it was pretty good."

Moss didn't "want to get into that." He said he still has respect for Birk and he's "glad to see he's here playing in his first Super Bowl."

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