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Mpls. man catches 42-inch muskie in Lake Nokomis


Might not be a big deal in outstate Minnesota, but in a lake in the heart of the big city? That's a catch.

Craig Quam caught "the fish of a lifetime," KSTP-TV reports. Quam was fishing Lake Nokomis in south Minneapolis with two neighbors Tuesday night, when this fish tale starts like most of 'em: his bobber went under.

Quam, 47, was fishing with minnows and an eight-pound line when suddenly he spent 15 minutes reeling in what turned out to be a tiger muskie, which leapt into the air.

He and his neighbors netted the thing into the boat, and got it weighed and measured: 42 inches, 30 pounds, maybe more. (Every fish tale ends like that.)

Quam did get a photo of it, but the bigger question is: There's tiger muskies that big in a city lake?

Yes is the obvious short answer, but the longer answer also says they aren't caught much.

Fishing lore says the DNR has stocked Nokomis periodically with the fish, but it's known primarily for crappies.

As this chatboard attests, plenty of anglers leave Nokomis skunked, especially if they fish for the big fish some know are in there.

"I often see tiger muskies cruising along, head out of the water," says one poster. "It's weird, but a pretty frequent occurrence at Nokomis."

Adds another: "The walleyes and bass and muskies are in there, but they don't give themselves up too easy."

Maybe someday someone will reel this monster in.

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