Residents hold annual hunt to help with Rochester's crow problem

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Rochester held its third annual crow hunt on Saturday – an event that some say helps the community solve a serious problem.

City officials and residents have been at war for decades with the noisy birds, which leave streets, sidewalks and people's vehicles caked in white droppings. City leaders are worried about people tracking the droppings into buildings, including the Mayo Clinic, but they've had a tough time finding solutions to the problem. They've tried everything from using laser beams to scare them away to using large nets to capture them.

So residents have taken matters into their own hands – KAAL says 19 groups of locals hunted down the birds themselves on Saturday in an event put on by X-Treme Whitetail's Minnesota and the Archery Headquarters.

Murder of crows? Some residents say it is. But proponents say it helps control the crow population in the city, similar to hunting other animals, like white tailed deer, KAAL says. The Ohm family participated in this year's hunt and says they aren't just trophy hunters – it's a sport, but it also puts food on the table. Crow tastes similar to other wild game birds, according to FOX 47.

Hunters can legally kill crows during two season, one in March and another in August, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

This year's event was slightly smaller than last year, which had 29 groups participate, according to KAAL. In 2012, 17 groups participated and killed 180 crows on the outskirts of Rochester, FOX 47 says.

Results of this year's event will be revealed this weekend. Cash and prizes will be given out to the winners.

Post by X-treme Whitetails MN.

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