Must listen: Bridgewater parody song 'Teddy beat the Jets'


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The parody song KFAN's Eric Nordquist unveiled on Paul Allen's show Monday morning was a bit made of brilliance.

Nordquist wrote and recorded a spoof song about Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to the tune of Elton John's "Benny and The Jets." The football version of the song is called "Teddy beat the Jets." Give it a watch in the FOX Sports North simulcast video above). Nordquist sent BringMeTheNews the lyrics, and they go like this:

"Hey Rubes, tell me did you see it
The Purple finally eclipse their record from last season
Teddy B's winning games, and we're feeling proud
Maybe the kid can turn this franchise around

"Hey,Teddy's a trip, drops back, let's it rip
Barely even shows a pulse
Did you know Teddy Beat the Jets?
Oh, so he's young but unflappable
He's the coolest you have seen

"He's got electric moves, and silky smooth
You know he checked into that game winning screen
T-t-t-teddy beat the Jets..."

For the record, the victory was Minnesota's first over the Jets since 1975 and only their second win ever against Joe Namath's for team.

Defensive end Everson Griffen did a little play-by-play of his own during a postgame interview with WCCO's Mike Max.

Check out Paul Allen's entire Monday morning show with reaction to the Vikings' 30-24 overtime victory over the Jets at

If you want more on Bridgewater's recent success, including his "let it rip" mantra and a weekly NFL award, check out this and this.

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