Must see: Buxton sets record with fastest inside-the-park home run

He's 3-for-3 on the night with a triple and a double, too.

Byron Buxton is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players in baseball. 

While he's known for his glove on most nights, Buxton showed off the lethal combination of his speed and bat with the fastest inside-the-park home run in the Statcast era. 

Don't blink. Buxton pounded a ball off the wall in center field and 13.85 seconds later he slid in safely to home plate. 

The record he broke was set Oct. 2, 2016 with a time of 14.05 seconds. And yes, that was Buxton who did it then, too. 

He also has a triple and a double against the Diamondbacks, so he's just a single shy of hitting for the cycle. 

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