Must see: Matt Kalil pulls off rare double whiff block, gets destroyed on Twitter

Matt Kalil has a new team in Carolina, but he's still getting crushed on social media.
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Matt Kalil recently said he's feeling great because, for the first time in his career, he has a coaching staff that demands excellence. That irked Vikings fans, of course, but a tiger cannot change its stripes. 

This video of Kalil from Carolina's preseason game Thursday does not equal excellence. 

That play actually resulted in a touchdown thanks to a quick trigger by quarterback Cam Newton. Had Newton not had an open guy on the slant, he'd likely be dead.

The double whiff block is when fans started hammering Kalil on Twitter. 

“My confidence – from OTAs to now – has grown tremendously. It keeps getting better and better," Kalil said earlier this week, via the Panthers' website

Kalil signed a five-year, $55 million deal with Carolina in the offseason. So far, this is what they've got. 

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