Must see: Team Shuster returns to hundreds of fans in Duluth

Tears were flowing to chants of "USA! USA!"
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After a series of flights home from PyeongChang to the United States, the gold medal-winning U.S. men's curling team walked off the plane and into the waiting cheers of hundreds of fans at the Duluth airport Monday night. 

There were tears aplenty for team skip John Shuster and his teammates, Tyler George, John Landsteiner, Matt Hamilton and Joe Polo. 

"I think it finally sunk in last night when we finally got home to a pretty amazing thing happening at the airport," Shuster said during an interview with ESPN radio Tuesday morning

Their return to Minnesota marked the end of an incredible Olympic journey, where they took a 2-4 record and rattled off five consecutive improbable wins to clinch the gold. 

And we learned Tuesday during the ESPN interview that Shuster, who was down but not out after falling to 2-4 in round robin play, predicted the comeback. 

"I sent a text to my best friend and I said 'I'm rewriting this thing,'" said Shuster. "He showed me it last night and said, 'man, you called your shot.'" 


Stuck in coach, Shuster saved by a hero on Delta flight home

As for Shuster being upgraded to first class while the rest of his teammates flew home in coach, well, he said it was his turn anyway. 

"You know what, I would've taken turns with some of my teammates, but a few of my teammates got upgraded on the way out there, so maybe it was my turn," he said on ESPN. 

What's next for Team Shuster? He said to look for them at the NHL Stadium Series game this Saturday between the Canadiens and Capitals in Annapolis, Maryland. 

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