Must see: Twins go retro in 'Zubazpalooza' promotional video


The Minnesota Twins won their last World Series championship in 1991.

Brian Adams, Paula Abdul and Color Me Badd were at the top of the Billboard charts. Terminator 2, Boyz in the Hood and Robin Hood Price of Thieves were in theaters.

And Zubaz were in style (or were they?).

Over the years the Twins have been known for creative, catchy and entertaining marketing techniques. But a new promotional video the team released over its upcoming "Zubazpalooza" may take the cake.

The Twins are turning back the clock to the early 90s and encouraging fans to dig to the bottom of their closets and pull out their Zubaz during final homestand of the season.

The Twins aren't the only team running the promotion, but the brief 90s fad will return to Target Field when the Twins open their final home series, Friday, Oct. 2, against Kansas City.

So cue the odd 90s music, break out the big shades and join these Twins by donning the Zubaz, if you dare.

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