NBA announces major changes to All-Star Game

Instead of having players representing each conference, captains will pick teams.
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The NBA All-Star Game next February in Los Angeles will have a fresh feel thanks to changes the league announced Tuesday. 

Gone is the conference format, where Western Conference All-Stars played Eastern Conference All-Stars. In is a format that allows two captains to select players from a pool of players voted in as starters and reserves. 

The captains will be the two leading vote-getters from each conference. They can then pick any player they want without recognizing conference affiliation. 

There will still be 24 total All-Stars, with 12 players from each conference being selected. 

If LeBron James, an Eastern Conference star, is a captain, he could pick Karl-Anthony Towns, a Western Conference star, to play on his team. 

We're guessing the NBA made these changes because the offseason moves made the Western Conference about a million times more powerful than the East, and with far more star players. 

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