NBA GMs: Kevin Love has 'limited natural ability,' but at least he makes the most of it


We love this one, and love even more how much Kevin Love is embracing the distinction NBA General Managers gave him today.

In the annual NBA GM survey, Kevin Love was named the player that "makes the most of his limited natural ability."

The Wolves were well represented in that category, with 6-foot-nothing, 175 lb. J.J Barea coming in fifth in voting.

The survey, lined with legitimate questions like "which team will win the 2014 NBA Finals," and "which player is most likely to have a breakout season in 2013-14," goes off the rails for seemingly just that one question that Kevin Love was the answer to according to 24 percent of NBA GMs.

What does Love think of the, uhh, honor?

At least he's taking it well.

Coming in second on the ballot was Spaniard Marc Gasol, while third was occupied by redhead Matt Bonner, who once took this picture.

Incidentally and much less importantly, the general managers picked Miami to win the title for a third straight year, and Lebron James to win MVP for the fifth time in six years.

But who cares, we're just happy that Kevin Love is happy he finally won something, even if it is the "White Guy" award.

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