NBA Power Rankings: Experts are giving up on Wolves


Blowing a 22-point lead at home in what most experts referred to as a must-win game against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday wasn't a very good way to 1) make a last-ditch effort for the playoffs and 2) get in the good graces of the NBA Power Rankings people.

Below is the list of sites we've been tracking all season, and each and every one is taking subtle, or not-so-subtle, shots at the Wolves after back-to-back games in which they couldn't hang on to 22-point leads. They blew a 22-point cushion against Dallas before hanging on for a victory.

Regardless, it's not a good week to be a Wolves fan.

NBA.COM: No. 18 – The Wolves blew two 22-point leads last week, on Wednesday in Dallas and on Sunday against Phoenix. They managed to pull out one of the two games (thanks toa tough shot by Kevin Love), which is another reason the Mavs and Suns are tied in the loss column. With two more games against the Grizzlies, the Wolves will continue to play a role in who gets the seventh and eighth spots in the West. 

ESPN: No. 19 – Finding a way to eke out an OT win had us buying into the notion that the Wolves might still have time to change their playoff destiny. Which is another way of saying: Gullible us. Blowing a 22-point lead at home to Phoenix took care of that.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: No. 20 – The Wolves didn't just blow their biggest lead of the season Sunday, but also likely their last hope at making the postseason. ''That was our playoffs right there, and we lost," said Kevin Love, who finished with 36 points, 14 rebounds and nine assists in the loss to Phoenix.

CBS SPORTS: No. 20 – Their favorite Beastie Boys song is 'Sabotage.' Has to be.

PRO BASKETBALL TALK: No. 20 – Everything you need to know about why Minnesota is going to be outside the playoffs rather than in them could be seen last week — they had a 22 point lead against Dallas and needed overtime and a big Kevin Love shot to win; they had a 22 point lead against the Suns and lost.

YAHOO SPORTS: No. 16 – Minnesota is now 6½ games out of the West's eighth and final playoff spot. Kevin Love has never played in the postseason.

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