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NDSU won't allow play-by-play tweeting at football and basketball games


There's controversy stirring at North Dakota State University regarding newly released media coverage guidelines.

NDSU plans to alter and limit media access and coverage, live and otherwise, to NDSU football and men's and women's basketball games with the start of this school year. The new guidelines are more restrictive in some cases and with some media coverage – except for the few networks who won certain broadcasting rights.

The new guidelines for non-rights holders include:

  • Altering broadcast or live online stream of regularly scheduled press conferences;
  • Changes to game day broadcasts of live radio shows, pregame or postgame coverage initiated at NDSU facilities or grounds;
  • No live broadcast or play-by-play blogging/tweeting/social media-ing of games;
  • Changes to scheduling of one-on-one interviews with the head football or basketball coaches on radio, TV or internet without the written consent of NDSU.

NDSU defends the decision. NDSU's director of sales and broadcasting Jeremy Jorgenson told the Fargo Forum that "this is nothing out of the ordinary...most schools are doing this."

NDSU's coverage game plan is getting its share of negative reaction.



NDSU's football television rights are with KVLY-TV and all NBC affiliates in North Dakota. Men's and women's basketball television rights are with Midco Sports Network. All radio coverage is with Radio FM Media.

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