Never bet on the Timberwolves – Jeopardy! contestant loses it all

And she wagered all her points...

On Wednesday night's episode of Jeopardy!, the topic of the final question involved sports mascots: "The animal on this NBA team's primary logo peaked about 75 million years ago."

Sure, sports mascots is a broad topic, but the NBA has just 30 teams, and the key component here is "peaked 75 million years ago." So naturally, you might be thinking dinosaurs.

However, this contestant was thinking about another animal – a Minnesota mascot.

And it cost her everything.

Smh Lady

— Raptors Nation™ (@WeTheNorth__) April 6, 2017

The Minnesota DNR classifies the timber wolf (commonly known as the gray wolf) as "threatened" but not extinct.

And they definitely haven't been around as long as raptors – AKA bird-like dinosaurs and the name of Toronto's NBA team, which was the correct answer.

The saddest part is that she battled back from the dead, and was in first place heading into the final question, only to risk all of her points on an incorrect answer.

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