New list picks the perfect beer for every NFL team


Nothing says autumn quite like football and beer. With the NFL's regular season officially underway, the website Thrillist has come up with the perfect beer for every team.

This year, Thrillist picked Minnesota's own Grain Belt Premium as the perfect beer for the Vikings. Here's why:

"Sure, one of MSP's best taprooms is found just around the corner from the stadium (or will be again once the new one opens), but the way to go when watching the Vikings is old school, with the most popular beer from one of Minnesota's best breweries: Grain Belt Premium. This legendary local brew was the official beer of the team back when they won their only championship – the '60s – and, unlike the team, this crisp, uniquely flavored lager is still a winner.

For our readers who root for the team on the other side of the border Thrillist picks New Glarus' Serendipity as the perfect beer for the Packers.

According to the website, serendipity for the Packers this year "would consist of Aaron Rodgers' clavicles remaining intact and not meeting the 49ers in the playoffs."

A few other notable matches include:

  • Chicago Bears – Straight Jacket, Revolution Brewing Co.
  • Dallas Cowboys – Dreamcrusher Double Rye IPA, Deep Ellum
  • Denver Broncos – Bitter Late Than Never, Wit's End Brewing Co.
  • Detroit Lions – The Detroit Dwarf, Detroit Beer Co.
  • New England Patriots – Copper Legend, Jack Abbey Brewing
  • Miami Dolphins – The remnants of a mojito in a Solo cup

No worries if you prefer something else, the list of perfect beers usually change from year-to-year. Last year Sports on Earth picked Fulton Brewing's Worthy Adversary Russian Imperial Stout.

One thing that isn't changing in the relationship between beer and football is the rising price of the beverage at games.

According to the Bleacher Report, Vikings fans are paying roughly 39 cents per ounce, which is actually on the low end for teams in the league. Fans in Dallas pay the most at roughly 53 cents per ounce, while the Carolina Panthers have the least expensive beer at 27 cents per ounce.

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