Newspaper in New Orleans writes travel guide for fans headed to Minnesota, sneaks in cheap shot about 2010

Salt. In. The. Wound.

On one hand, the writer of this story at the New Orleans Times-Picayune might know more about Minnesota than people who live in Minnesota do after writing a pretty extensive travel guide for Saints fans headed north for Monday's season opener against the Vikings. 

On the other hand, the writer of story should be on every Vikings fan's naughty list for sneaking in a painful jab midway through the first of seven travel tips. Look at this sneak shot:

"Fun fact: Famed Minnesotan Prince was a huge Vikings fan who wrote and released the song "Purple and Gold" as the Vikes prepared for the NFC Championship game. In 2010. In New Orleans. It didn't go well for them. Still waiting for someone to do a song called "Hit the Fleur de @#$% Lis."

If you click the "It didn't go well for them" link you get this: 

Ok, I'm still bitter about that NFC Championship Game loss, but I would've done the same had our roles been reversed. 

By the way, the Vikings have lost four straight against New Orleans, with their last victory over Who Dat nation coming in 2008 on Monday Night Football. 

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