NFC North duo tops NFL's most feared, Peterson 7th

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The NFL's "most feared" list came out today, with ESPN NFL Nation polling 320 players to find out who made them tremble the most on Sundays.

Topping the list are the Detroit duo of Ndamukong Suh and Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, two parts of a Lions club that lost six of their last seven games to miss the playoffs in 2013.

Many have called Suh's play dirty because of incidents like these.

Not pictured in that string of lowlights is the low block he threw on an interception return against the Vikings in Week 1 this season.

We'd probably be fearful of Suh too after seeing those.

Megatron likely makes the list more for his sheer ability rather than his questionable tactics, as the single-season record holder for receiving yards has gone over 5,000 combined yards through the air the past three seasons.

The 6'5", 236 lb. wideout is a three-time defending All-Pro selection, and has also made four consecutive Pro Bowls, though will not participate this year as he prepares to get surgery on a knee that has been bothering him much of the year.

Suh received 61 votes while Johnson received 58 in the poll, with no other player topping 30 tallies.

Coming in seventh was reigning MVP Adrian Peterson, receiving 16 votes.

If you still don't understand why players fear Peterson, we'll give you one more reminder.

Catch your breath if you need to, watching that certainly takes away ours.

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