NFC North, Week 1: Bears and Lions sit atop, Packers take tough loss


With the Lions beating the Vikings Sunday, one thing was for certain about the NFC North standings: One team was clearly in first, and another clearly in last.

Now, though, it's a dead heat! - okay, it's only week 1. But still, some NFL observers think top-to-bottom, the NFC North might be the toughest for inter-division play.

Which is one way of saying all the teams are great. It's also another way of saying there are four teams destined for parity, if not mediocrity. Hey, somebody's gotta win this thing.

So, the Packers lose a tough one to San Francisco, making it three straight for the Niners over Green Bay, going back to the 2012 opener and the NFL divisional playoff game. That said, this was a great game: Both teams are pretty darn close to elite already in the young season.

Meanwhile, the Bears trumped the Bengals, and even without Brian Urlacher, the defense, as always, looks to be the story in ChiT0wn. The defensive secondary was all up in all sorts of Bengal grill. And Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall still works.

The Pack host Washington next Sunday.

As for the two at the top, the Bears host the Vikings, and Detroit goes to Arizona.

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