After meeting with NFL, state leaders promise one more push for stadium solution

Governor Mark Dayton and legislative leaders are up for a final push to see if they can piece together an acceptable stadium deal before the current legislative session ends. The effort comes after a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Art Rooney, chief of the league's stadium commission.

After meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Art Rooney II, Steelers owner and commissioner of the NFL's stadium committee, Gov. Mark Dayton said he is behind a final push to finalize the Vikings stadium question before the end of the current session. That gives elected leaders less than two weeks to seal a deal more than a decade in the making.

State Senator Julie Rosen says the NFL executives 'served us a reality check.' Nearly all of the eight people in the ad hoc stadium summit expressed urgency toward a fix. House Speaker Kurt Zeller's, though, tempered the optimism somewhat, saying any stadium deal needs to be in the best interests of the whole state.

Of course, the big threat hanging over Minnesota's collective head is the Vikings will leave if they don't get a stadium. But Doug Grow at MinnPost says not so fast.

"There are some who will be all in a dither about Goodell’s meeting with the governor and legislative leaders," Grow writes. "But moving an NFL team, especially a team so beloved as the Vikings, is not so simple as backing up the moving trucks and heading out of town."

On Thursday, Goodell warned Minnesota would face "serious consequences" if legislators can't strike a deal during the current session.

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Whether it bears any weight or not, The Daily News in Los Angeles reports spotting Zygi Wilf's plane at a southern California airport. No pressure, though.

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Goodell, Rooney to meet with lawmakers to discuss Vikings stadium

Governor Dayton and state lawmakers will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Steelers owner Art Rooney, chair of the league's stadium committee, today. Dayton says the NFL has "serious concerns" about the "viability" and "future" of the Vikings in Minnesota if a stadium bill isn't passed this legislative session.

State Senate leader open to special session on stadium

Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem says if lawmakers finish their other business, they may not want to stay at the Capitol waiting for a stadium deal. There's no timetable in the ongoing talks between the Dayton administration, the Vikings, and Minneapolis.