Possible road block in Peterson's road back to the football field

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Another day and another twist in the Adrian Peterson saga.

On Thursday, the National Football League agreed to allow Peterson an opportunity to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell to argue reasons for reinstatement now that his legal matters are resolved. The league, however, won't provide a timetable for possible reinstatement or further punishment until league officials have an opportunity to review court documents.

Therein lies the problem. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, a court order may be required to see the documents because Peterson's case involved a minor. What's that mean? Florio explains...

"And so Peterson quite possibly will tell the NFL he can’t disclose the information (if Peterson or Hardin even have it), the NFL quite possibly will delay the review of his case in response, and the agreement that Peterson would be on the Commissioner-Exempt list only until his legal case was resolved quite possibly will be violated for an even longer period of time than previously believed."

Peterson has remained on the commissioner's exempt list since Week 2 of the regular season and the NFL plans to keep him there until a thorough review of his case is finished.

Atlanta sports attorney David Cornwell told the Pioneer Press on Wednesday that additional discipline for Peterson would be unwarranted and forcing Peterson to sit isn't fair.

"Hard to see how a disciplinary suspension is appropriate, and there is no basis to force a man to sit while it is being determined whether a suspension is appropriate," Cornwell said.

Stay tuned.

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