NFL fines Xavier Rhodes for horse-collar tackle at Denver

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Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes might be a little lighter in the wallet after the NFL has fined him for a horse-collar tackle at Denver last Sunday.

Rhodes, a third year pro, likely prevented a touchdown when he dragged Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders down from behind at the end of a 43-yard reception in Denver's 23-20 victory over the Vikings on Sunday.

The play came happened early in the third quarter of Sunday's game. The Broncos eventually did score on the drive when Peyton Manning connected with tight end Owen Daniels on a 1-yard touchdown pass.

According to the Bleacher Report, Rhodes has been struggling in 2015. After breaking up 18 passes in 2014, so far Rhodes has just three breakups this year.

1500 ESPN notes that Rhodes was also flagged twice for defensive pass interference in the game. He now has a league-high seven penalties by a defensive back through just four weeks.

It was the Vikings first fine of the season, with Rhodes having to fork out more than $17,000.

Neither Rhodes or the team have commented on the fine yet.

The Vikings are on a bye this week. They host Kansas City when they return on Oct. 18.

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