NFL power rankings: Only Jags, Bucs worse than Vikings


How far could the Vikings possibly fall in the power rankings after losing to the Giants in embarrassing fashion on Monday Night Football?

All we have to say is thank you Florida for producing such horrible teams in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay.

ESPN: 30th - Not a great debut for Josh Freeman, who overthrew his receivers for incompletions 16 times Monday, the most for any QB since 2006.

CBS SPORTS: 30th - Josh Freeman certainly wasn't the answer against the Giants. Will he ever be?

PROFOOTBALLTALK: 30th - The team apparently took Jared Allen’s advice to “embrace the suck” a bit too literally.

NFL.COM: 30th - Where do the Vikings go from here? If Josh Freeman is not the guy, then somebody in college must be. What else can the Vikings do? Go back to Christian Ponder? Haven't they decimated his confidence? Agree with the postgame remarks made by Steve Young and Trent Dilfer: Minnesota set Freeman up to fail by playing him this soon.

USA TODAY: 30th - Wait, we might see Josh Freeman on national television again Sunday night? Awesome!!

FOX SPORTS: 30th - Josh Freeman completed 37.7% of his pass attempts for 190 yards and one interception. That was ugly.

YAHOO! SPORTS: 30th - I can never erase from my mind the horror I witnessed from Josh Freeman on Monday night.

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