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NFL power rankings: Winless Bucs ahead of Vikings in one poll


We're nine weeks into the season the Vikings have been locked in near the bottom of the NFL power rankings for weeks, and a loss to Dallas on Sunday didn't help their cause.

These are the latest rankings from around the internet. No. 30 -- The Vikings would probably like to re-do the opening moments of the second half of Sunday's game in Dallas. First, they let the Cowboys march right down the field for a touchdown. Cordarrelle Patterson let the ensuing kickoff bounce off his chest at the 5-yard line -- endearing of him, after we put ourselves out there by selecting him as a Midseason All-Pro. Christian Ponder was then promptly sacked, with his fumble being recovered by Dallas in Minnesota's end zone. Two Cowboys touchdowns in less than 20 seconds of game time turned the Vikings' 10-6 lead into a 20-10 Dallas advantage.

ProFootballTalk: No. 31 -- The Vikings wish Jerry Jones was right when he said there are no 1-7 teams.

ESPN: No. 30 -- After 140 rush yards in another loss, Adrian Peterson must get annoyed sometimes. Nick Foles had more TD passes in three quarters Sunday than Vikings quarterbacks have passed for all season.

Yahoo! Sports: No. 30 -- This is what a franchise flying by the seat of its pants looks like: Sign young quarterback Josh Freeman for about $3 million, start him way before he’s ready, then give up on him after one predictably bad start. Solid plan.

CBS Sports: No. 30 -- At least they competed at Dallas. That's more than they've done recently. But it's all about 2014 now.

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