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NFL power rankings: Vikes rising, draft slot falling


Blowing out a playoff team is a good way to impress the "experts" that put together power rankings every Tuesday during the NFL season.

The Vikings' dismantling of the potentially playoff-bound Eagles on Sunday at the Metrodome opened the eyes of some analysts as the Purple find themselves in a much more comfortable position this week.

NFL.COM: No. 24 – Somebody tell me where this was in Kansas City. Look, if Matt Cassel wants to play like Tommy Kramer with a dash of Fran Tarkenton and sprinkle of Warren Moon, we're fine with that. Sure does render the Josh Freeman acquisition ... well ... what does it render it? Useless? News-less? Who-cares-less? Exciting win for the Vikings, especially with the M.A.S.H. unit in the backfield. In fact, if Matt Asiata ever gets 30 carries in an NFL game again, we'll go streaking through Culver City with "Frank the Tank."

ESPN: No. 23 – Matt Cassel was 11-of-13 targeting Greg Jennings on Sunday. The 11 receptions were a career high for Jennings, who has caught 72 percent of his targets from Cassel this season.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK: No. 26 – Josh Freeman gets $166,000 per week to do nothing. The rest of us get much less for the same effort.

CBS SPORTS: No. 24 –Matt Cassel's play is begging this question to be asked: What took so long?

YAHOO! SPORTS: No. 24 – Matt Asiata's line on Sunday: 30 carries for 51 yards ... but three touchdowns. If you had to start him in a fantasy playoff game, lucky you.

While the winning is great for the Vikings, it's not great for fans hoping the Vikings lose their way to a top draft pick. If the draft was held today the Vikings would have the No. 8 overall selection, via Mark Craig's research.

1. Texans (2-12)

2. Rams [via Redskins] (3-11)

3. Raiders (4-10) (.485)

4. Jaguars (4-10) (.495)

5. Falcons (4-10) (.533)

6. Browns (4-10) (.536)

7. Bucs (4-10) (.577)

8. Vikings (4-9-1)

9. Bills (5-9) (.510)

10. Titans (5-9) (.541)

11. Giants (5-9) (.551)

The Vikings cannot drop lower than 14th, according to the same report.

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