NFL slaps heavy fine on Vikings' Chris Cook


After being ejected from the Vikings-Bears game on Sunday after making contact with an official, the NFL hit Vikings defensive back Chris Cook with a hefty fine on Wednesday.

The fine is in line with the prediction Vikings coach Leslie Frazier made during a press conference earlier Wednesday, according to the Pioneer Press.

Although Cook has apologized to the official, he still believes the contact he made is being overblown.

"I kind of touched his arm, but it wasn't really like I was trying to push him on the ground or something," Cook said. "They made it seem like I was trying to push him on the ground. But I just got up and said, `That was bull' about the play a few plays before. But I can't really do anything about what they call within the game. I have to be a man about it and move on to the next play."

"I guarantee it will not happen again," he added.

Cook says his agent has already appealed the fine.

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