NHL lockout talks to resume Tuesday


NHL lockout talks are expected to resume Tuesday following a two hour meeting on Monday. The news of another meeting is positive, but it isn't keeping players from ripping commissioner Gary Bettman and NHL Players' Association executive director Donald Fehr.

Florida Panthers forward Kris Versteeg said this to a Canadian radio station: "You've got to look for the cancers and you've got to cut out the cancers." Versteeg was referring to Bettman and NHL executive Bill Daly.

A report from NHL.com says Fehr was hoping to discuss everything on player contracting issues, but the NHL was "unwilling" to do so.

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NHL lockout talks to resume Tuesday

The NHL lockout has already wiped out the first two weeks of the regular season, and more games could be cancelled soon unless a resolution is reached. The good news is that labor negotiations will resume Tuesday, with the main issue - hockey related revenue - being discussed.

NHL lockout threat looms

The Minnesota Wild are preparing for training camps, but the chance that the camps actually open across the NHL as scheduled is growing less likely by the day, the Star Tribune reports. Labor negotiations between the NHL and the NHL Players' Association ended abruptly Friday. No future talks have been scheduled, and with the collective bargaining agreement set to expire in 12 days, a second lockout in eight years appears inevitable.