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NHL picks D.C. over Minnesota for 2015 Winter Classic


Outdoor hockey in Minnesota? Sounds like a good idea, right?

We have Hockey Day Minnesota and the Hockey City Classic -- both played outdoors, but the NHL Winter Classic is the big daddy of outdoor hockey events.

The Minnesota Wild's hopes of hosting the 2015 Winter Classic were dashed on Friday when the NHL announced the host city for the event will be Washington D.C.

In an email to the Pioneer Press, Wild owner Craig Leipold expressed his disappointment.

"We are disappointed that the Twin Cities is not hosting the 2015 WC, but we will continue to emphasize the benefits of having this iconic game played in Minnesota. We believe we have the right players, the right venue and certainly the right fans to ensure a successful Winter Classic. We will work hard to host the 2016 Winter Classic."

The Winter Classic debuted in 2008 and has been a major hit ever since.

  • 2008 host city: Buffalo
  • 2009 host city: Chicago
  • 2010 host city: Boston
  • 2011 host city: Pittsburgh
  • 2012 host city: Philadelphia
  • 2013 host city: NHL lockout, no game
  • 2014 host city: Ann Arbor

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Source: NHL cancels Winter Classic

The NHL decided Friday to cancel the Jan. 1 Winter Classic between the Detorit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs at the University of Michigan's football stadium, according to a source. The cancellation comes as one of the most significant casualties of the lockout. The game was estimated to bring in $75 million and draw one of the largest crowds in history.