Nick Punto: Fist-bumping Hollywood's superstars

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L.A. Dodgers utility man Nick Punto slams a home run, helping his team top the Mets last night, 4-2.

So who does Punto celebrate with after crossing home plate at Dodger Stadium?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Danny DeVito, that's who.

Check it out:

So, after leaving the Twins in 2010, Punto wins a World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011, and now he's living it up in L.A.

As for DeVito, he's a big fan. Not just of the Dodgers, but of Nick. Last night, he wasn't sporting a Clayton Kershaw jersey, but the Punto model.

What's next?

Will we see defensive catcher Drew Butera -- sometime in September during his Dodger call-up -- give a noogie to Gene Simmons? We'd pay to see that.

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