Nick Swardson tries to recruit Aaron Rodgers' ex Olivia Munn for the Minnesota Vikings

Munn and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers dated for a few years.
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Is it a good idea to take shots at the elite quarterback that led his NFL team to an NFC North division title ... while your hometown squad collapsed down the stretch?

No clue.

But hey, if it's going to happen Nick Swardson is probably the right Vikings fan to do it.

Swardson, decked out in Vikings and Prince purple (though we can't tell if it's the official Prince purple), tweeted this photo Wednesday:

That's him apparently drafting Olivia Munn into Viking fandom (or attempting to). Munn is his co-star in an upcoming movie, and of course the former longtime girlfriend of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

She and Rodgers dated from spring 2014 until about April of this year, according to reports. And if she's not rooting for the Packers anymore, why not jump over the border to the Minnesota side ala Brett Favre?

Swardson and Munn's movie, a comedy called The Buddy Games, is filming right now. And the director?

North Dakota native/Vikings fan/upcoming Call of Duty:WWII star Josh Duhamel. So maybe he's been helping Swardson recruit her.

The Vikings had a fun little reply to Swardson's tweet:

But tbh, random Twitter fans kind of won this round:

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