No apologies: St. Paul mayor defends his right to criticize the Wild

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Don't expect St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman to apologize following a tweet Wednesday night for which he's been catching some heat.

Coleman told WCCO's Chad Hartman on Friday that he's a hockey fan, and like others, he gives praise for good performances, and will criticize poor ones.

"When I pay my $100-plus for a ticket and go to a game, I get to complain," Coleman told the radio station.

Coleman did just that following the Wild's disappointing 6-1 loss on Wednesday night.

Coleman was far from alone in his criticism of the Wild's performance on Wednesday.

Even the team's head coach Mike Yeo noted that they started bad and got worse from there.

Some questioned if that kind of criticism was beneath the mayor, to that question from WCCO, Coleman responded: "Lighten up, Francis."

The Wild and St. Louis meet in Game 5 of the Western Conference quarterfinals on Friday night.

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