No end in sight to NHL lockout

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NHL lockout talks between league officials and the players' association didn't last long Wednesday, and the end of the labor strife doesn't appear to be on the horizon. 

Veteran NHL star Martin St. Louis says it feels like the players' association is being forced to negotiate with themselves, which isn't effective.

According to NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr, none of the "meaningful" core economic issues are being discussed.

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Russo: No end in sight for NHL lockout

Star Tribune hockey writer Michael Russo reports the NHL and the players association are still speaking "different languages" when it comes to ending the lockout. Today, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said "We are nowhere close."

NHL lockout threat looms

The Minnesota Wild are preparing for training camps, but the chance that the camps actually open across the NHL as scheduled is growing less likely by the day, the Star Tribune reports. Labor negotiations between the NHL and the NHL Players' Association ended abruptly Friday. No future talks have been scheduled, and with the collective bargaining agreement set to expire in 12 days, a second lockout in eight years appears inevitable.