No harm, no foul: It's OK to cut in front of Karl-Anthony Towns at the airport


Minnesota Timberwolves forward Karl-Anthony Towns has impressed just about everyone he has encountered since the Wolves drafted him No. 1 in 2015. But the unanimous pick for NBA's Rookie of the Year Award hasn't let success go to his head.

According to a story from City Pages, Towns was recently a perfect gentleman while waiting in the TSA line at MSP airport.

"As Tom Kyle explains, his fiance, Savannah Sleicher, was just making her way up the line, and wasn't even in an emergency, when KAT offered to let her go in front of him. The two were about to board the same flight to New Jersey, where Towns grew up."

Towns even stopped to snap a selfie with Sleicher – who is nearly a foot-and-a-half shorter than Towns.

KAT's Minnesota Nice

During the offseason, he has said the right things about where he wants to be and what his expectations are for the future of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

He was impressive off the floor during ESPN's coverage of the NBA Finals. He's done everything from late night talk show appearances, to Disney Channel appearances. He's held youth basketball camps and even talked with kids about his love of the game.

Put it all together and the Wolves have found both a once-in-a-lifetime superstar and a good guy.

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