No need to panic, but Buxton shut down for the fall season too - Bring Me The News

No need to panic, but Buxton shut down for the fall season too


Both of the Twins' top prospects for next season have been shelved for their respective fall/winter seasons, but Twins fans can relax - they'll be fine. We hope.

As BringMeTheNews reported earlier, third baseman Miguel Sano's winter season in the Dominican league came to an end so he can rest an elbow.

Now the Pioneer Press reports that Byron Buxton, a center fielder generally considered to be the top prospect in all of baseball, has scrapped the rest of his Arizona Fall League season because of an aggravated shoulder.

The good news is that it's his left shoulder, not his throwing arm. The PiPRess also adds that the injury doesn't appear to be serious. Buxton, 19, recently missed nine days after suffering a strained left shoulder while taking a swing during batting practice.

ESPN says the Twins are merely playing it safe.

We're gong to take the view of the Mankato Free Press Baseball Outsider blog, which says, "They're young, and they've been through a long minor league season (which, it must be granted, is shorter than a major league season). It's probably time for them both to have a break anyway."

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