No ruling issued in Peterson appeal; hearing likely to continue Thursday


Adrian Peterson's appeals hearing is over, but no decision on his suspension – whether to uphold it, negate it or something in between – has been announced.

FOX Sports reports Peterson didn't comment after the hearing, but his attorney said the hearing will continue on Thursday.

Peterson met with NFL officials in New York Tuesday morning, appealing commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to bar him from playing until at least April 2015.

The appeal followed Peterson's no contest plea to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault as part of a plea deal after he was indicted on a felony child abuse charge in September.

Peterson's case was not heard by Goodell, as many had initially suspected it would be, but instead by appeals officer Harold Henderson. The NFL Player's Association had asked that Goodell not be the one to rule on the appeal, calling him "partial and biased."

ESPN's Adam Schefter says Henderson wants to hear from NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent.

The NFLPA has claimed Vincent told Peterson months ago that his time on the commissioner's list – a total of nine games – would count as "time served" as part of any punishment, ESPN reports.

Another possibility is that Peterson, the NFLPA and the league agree to settle the matter themselves. Pro Football Talk reports that Henderson encouraged both sides to resolve the case.

Peterson didn't give a prepared statement at the hearing, but did speak to Henderson.

It's not known when the NFL will make its ruling on the star running back's appeal, however.

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