No, this isn't an episode of 'Ballers', these 2 WRs just bet their luxury cars

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Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall drives a Porsche. Steelers receiver Antonio Brown rolled up to training camp in a Rolls-Royce.

One of them might not be driving it home after the season.

Marshall challenged Brown to an insane bet: Whoever finishes with more receiving yards this season has to give the other guy their car.

"He don't really wanna do that," Brown told TMZ. "He just wants some PR. He too old to be doing that. If he really serious, call me ... I'll gladly accept. Don't Internet it."

Brown finished second in the NFL with 1,834 yards last season while Marshall finished fifth with 1,502 yards. Brown led the league in yards in 2014 and was second in 2013.

Marshall's Porsche is awesome, but is it as nice as the custom Rolls-Royce that Brown is driving? Brown told TMZ that he thinks his Rolls-Royce is about $100,000 nicer than Marshall's Porsche.

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